How to treat HIV

Our goal is to build your immunity and in doing so, control sickness, rather than taking medication to suppress the HIV virus. If we can cause your body to slowly increase your CD4 count, then you will be better equipped to fight diseases. Hence, we treat HIV by taking superantigens to increase you CD4 and CD8 count. You can also take ARV’s simultaneously however some patients do not take them by choice and are doing just fine.

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So even if your disease is HIV, common sense tells us that you need to keep your body as healthy as possible and your immune system as buoyant as possible. Many diseases relating to HIV manifest as a result of a depleted immune system. So you can be on ARV’s but still have a depleted immune system. It is true to say that Anti Retro Viral drugs  This may allow infections and viruses to take a hold of you.

ARV’s control the replication rate of the HI-virus, by blocking HIV from converting bad RNA into DNA,  but this does not boost your immune system. It merely prevents it from depleting itself.