Cancer Treatment

Use our cancer treatment from your home.

Do you know that in the USA: When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are suddenly worth $300,000.00 to the cancer industry. Your cancer treatment need not cost your government that much. Our approach is far safer and cheaper.  In our cancer treatment program we look at treating both the symptoms and causes of cancer. Orthodox treatment almost never advise on nutirition and only addresses the cancer symptoms. So then we live in fear because we have not improved the immune system that is designed to keep it away. In most cases chemo or radiation has destroyed our immune system.

Cancer is like a fire – it does not help trying to extinguish the flames while elsewhere your body is fuelling the flames. The cure for cancer lies in fixing what was wrong in the first place.

1931 Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg discovered that cancer thrives in an acidic, anaerobic environment. Most oncologists don’t even mention this. However this is extremely important if we are to tailor our cancer treatment program to deny the cancer cells exactly what they are earnestly seeking.

Cancer Treatment

T-cell attaching to a tumor cell via the MHC II Receptor

Can we treat all types of cancer, e.g. treating breast cancer, treating lung cancer, treating skin cancer, treating brain cancer, treating bone marrow cancer, treating leukaemia, treating lymphoma, treating prostate cancer, treating colon cancer? – The answer is YES. This is because we focus on 2 fundamental truths:

  1. The immune system was designed to cope with cancer
  2. Most cancers enjoy the same food source to survive

6 Steps to treating cancer that we address and help you with:

  • Cell Oxygenation
  • Alkalinity
  • Immunity – superantigen
  • Cell detoxification
  • Glucose reduction
  • Emotional

Recommended packages:

We would recommend a full  anti cancer immunlogy pack for 3 months, if paid upfront this attracts a large discount

Alternatively you can buy the full pack one month at a time.

After months 3 if for some reason you are not cancer free there is an economy pack at a far less cost.

These can be purchased via our shopping page or just drop us an email for more information