Immunology cancer cure

Combination treatment

Through many years of researching nutritional programs to compliment our immunology cancer cure and superantigen treatment, we believe we finally have the ideal protocols to follow.

The goal has not changed, just a more effective method to get there.

Goal recap:

  • Alkaline PH
  • Detoxification
  • Boost immunity
  • Starve cancer of food source
  • Healing process 24/7
  • Nutritional replacement

Along with superantigen we provide a blood test checklist to measure the positive impact that superantigen is having on your immune system. Your God created immune system is paramount to your recovery and many current treatments ignore this or further destroy this.

Finally we have a nutritional program that involves only juicing (no solids) for 6 weeks. This program ensures your body heals itself 24/7 instead of wasting energy on digestive processes. The other key to the juicing protocols is to get your body into a state a ketosis whereby its energy source is derived from fats and not from sugars. This ensures that the cancer cells run out of their food supply which are sugars and literally starve to death. The get ones body into a ketogenic state takes approximately 3 weeks.

I personally, although not a cancer victim, have tried the program to ensure that it is achievable. Your body may, while undergoing the immunology cancer cure, experience several side-effects of the detox process. We list the possible effects and how to counter-act them. Your main problem could be weight loss but we provide a solution to this as part of the juicing protocols as well.

immunology cancer cure

In the end we flood your system with essential nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that are all essential to the healing process. The methodologies are scientific and proven. It’s your best chance of survival and nothing is harmful or has dangerous side-effects.

The superanitgen treatment which is taken three times a day to compliment the nutritional program is proven in clinical trials and verifiable at 

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