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Nutritional Cancer Clinic

Should you wish to attend a cancer clinic to be treated away from home, then our safe treatment using  superantigens and a ketogenic diet  can be done at our luxury guest house.

cancer clinic

Luxury guest house

Clinical Program


  • Take blood samples to measure:
    • White Blood cells
    • Platelets
    • Lymphocyte Transformation test
    • NK Cyto activity test
    • Immunoglubins IgA, IgG, IgM to measure immune system functioning
    • Cancer Markers where applicable – dependant on type of cancer
  • Nutritional preparation:
    • Colon Cleanse
    • Liver Cleanse
  • Intense Healing and detox
  • Daily superantigen dosages driving immunity up to fight cancer cells
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Queen bed ensuite with balcony

Patients must be able to move unhindered, without the need for walking aids, exercise regime is included and stairs must be negotiated daily. Walking is encouraged daily.

We are located on a golf estate with ample walking, riding and running facilities.

The nutritional program is strict and will entail only liquids extracted from organic vegetables, approximately 8 – 10 times a day. You can expect to lose significant weight.

Special mineral water with essential electrolytes and minerals provided daily

Within three weeks your body will be in a state of ketosis meaning it derives all of its energy from fats and none from sugar. This means that the food source for cancer which is sugars, will no longer be available and cancer cells will die of starvation. The other advantage of this nutritional plan will be changing the bodies PH levels from acidic to alkaline again making it impossible for the cancer to survive.

In addition to creating an environment impossible for cancer to grow in, we will provide the body with all the essential nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and mineral elements essential for the rebuilding of healthy cells and organs. Superantigen will increase the Natural Killer cells activity rate as well as proliferation of T-cells to enable rapid killing of cancer cells through an highly improved immune response

Your body will experience a complete detoxification of the liver, kidneys, colon, blood etc. You will experience some side-effects of the detox process, but we will monitor and warn you of symptoms that will occur.

Juicing will provide:

i. A large quantity of high quality nutrients is supplied to the body which the body needs as building blocks for repairing weakened body cells and vital organs.

ii. The nutrients are broken down into a form that is easily and quickly absorbed without the time consuming and energy depleting process of digestion.

iii. Whilst the digestive system is given a rest, the body is able to focus on flushing out toxins as well as healing, rebuilding and repair with the nutrients in the vegetable juice that it has been supplied with.

Unless you are on chronic medication all other medication should be avoided to allow for a natural healing process to take place.

The length of stay is up to you, we would recommend a minimum of 2 weeks with 3 weeks being an optimal stay. After 2 weeks you should have developed the habit required to juice daily.

The juicing diet should be continued at your home for a minimum of 6 weeks, the recipe will be sent home with you along with superanitgens. Superantigens are recommended for 3 months to keep the immune response high and prevent metastasis of the cancer cells.

Blood test as described above should be performed monthly to measure the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • Walking, running, cycling, tennis, squash (free)
  • Golf (extra cost)
  • Movies and shops (nearby)
  • Internet
  • TV sattelite channels in your bedroom


Price per day including all superantigens, mineral water, nutritional meals, internet and accommodation

Excludes: Recommended blood tests as above, laundry costs, airport pickups

Rate: US $295 / day

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