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Treatments for Cancer

You were not healthy and got cancer, it’s because your body was sick that you got cancer. Your immune system controls your health. Alternative cancer treatment, means not using orthodox treatments like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Treatments for cancer is based on six areas, including immunology therapy. Even if you only have cancer symptoms without a definite diagnosis and take our alternative cancer treatment, it can only benefit your health.

Orthodox treatment like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery do not address the immune system. We know that chemotherapy and radiation in fact destroys the immune system.

Using Superantigen while on chemotherapy or radiation is advised as clinical trial results  showed significantly reduced side-effects and significantly improved cancer reduction rates.

Our 2016 international immunology conference in Changxing, China was attended by nobel prize winners Ferid Murad and Rolf Zinkernagel. See TV channel news report (apologies for non-Chinese speakers)  Chinese TV broadcast

Contact us so we can help you safely treat cancer. You can cure cancer. Many people have lived long healthy lives after being diagnosed with cancer.

We will ship from Hong Kong or South Africa around the world: treatments cancer

The medical fraternity will tell you that you cannot cure cancer. That you are only in remission. Do not believe them. If you cure cancer and it reappears then it’s likely a NEW cancer, not the old one lying dormant.

The fundamental statement of truth, is that it’s your immune system (T-cells, B cells, Interleukin 2, Macrophages, etc) that fights diseases. To win the fight against disease (including cancer) you have to ensure you have a healthy immune system – FULL STOP.

  1. Healthy immune systems kills cancers cells every day
  2. If you have been diagnosed with cancer this then means your don’t have an immune system that copes sufficiently
  3. Our alternative cancer medication can be used on all cancers including: breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, brain cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, cervex cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, womb cancer, etc

We address the 6 steps to treating cancer:

  1. Your immune system – Superantigen
  2. Alkalization
  3. Detoxification
  4. Oxygenation
  5. Glucose Reduction
  6. Emotional Changes
Treatments for cancer

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There are many products that claim to boost immunity. Why would our product (Superantigen) be any different? Click on image to see video on  what Superantigen is.


You have to ask whether the alternative cancer treatments on the market have specifically participated in clinical trials involving cancer patients. Our products have participated in over 3,000 clinical trials in patients with ALL TYPES of cancers and to date, have been used to treat over 40,000 patients. see Results

Treatments for cancer

What they don’t want you to know

The truth about cancer – click on image on left

The contribution chemotherapy makes to 5 year survival rate is under 3% Click here

It is true to say that a healthy immune system copes well in battling all kinds of diseases – not just cancer. Hence a healthy immune system is better equipped to fight diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, cancer, Malaria, etc

Results of clinical trials proved efficacy and safety of Superantigen.

According to Ralph Moss in his book Questioning Chemotherapy, is that in a good number of surveys, chemotherapists have responded that they would neither recommend chemotherapy for their families nor would they use it themselves.

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